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Track Responsibilities

Tracking the percent of time devoted by Sales Rep.'s to each of their assigned responsibilities can provide valuable insight into whether they are appropriately focused on your product(s)/ service(s).Applying those percentages against the Sales Rep.'s quota results in a weighted dollar figure for each assigned responsibility. That dollar figure can then be used as the basis to further evaluate if the expected revenues for your product(s)/ service(s) are sufficient to meet your sales targets.

Invest in Relationships

Work to forge closer relationships with all entities within the Channel Partner organization, taking care to not overlook those outside of Sales that might also have influence over the internal support of your product(s)/ service(s). This might include Order Admin., Marketing, Accounts Payable, all the way up to C-level Management. Recognize that Sales Rep.'s assigned multiple product lines and/or responsibilities will tend to focus more effort with those lines in which they have the most familiarity and/ or feel they are receiving the most support.

Promote Success

While executing on the tactics of your Action Plan, take time to celebrate the incremental successes made along the way.  Promoting the importance of even small achievements to Sales Rep's, their Sales Managers, and  the rest of the Channel Partner organization keeps motivation high for following through on the rest of the business strategy being pursued.

Share Accountability

Actively solicit the input of Sales Rep.'s on regular sales activities such as targeted account planning, forecasting, etc. It will not only provide them with an understanding of the importance of these types of functions, it will also serve to have them share in the accountability for the business results. On sales calls, invite their active participation in delivering presentations, answering client questions, or follow-up activities related to the sales process.

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