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This simple, easy-to-use "Workbook" is intended to provide entrepreneurs (and even existing small business owners) a sensible business planning tool set that encourages development of the critical business elements today, with the ability to continue building out the plan as time and circumstances dictate.

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The Mindshare Manager offers a select portfolio of tailored, sales consulting services. Primarily targeted to small and mid-sized businesses having little or no formal sales process in place, services range from Instructor-led Programs on such topics as implementation of our standard downloadable Forms, to interactive Individual/ Team Sessions that result in new or revised strategies & tactics for moving stuck opportunities forward in the sales cycle. Each is intended to reduce the cost of sales while improving the performance of individual sales contributors.

But no matter the challenge, we stand ready to work with you to insure your sales resources and operations are focused. Often, the first step towards reaching that goal is completing our 9-Point Sales Organization Assessment Questionnaire. So please don't hesitate to contact us to see if it is the right starting point for your business.


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NOTE: (*) All consulting engagements offer the option of customization and/or adding ongoing sales coaching-mentoring to reinforce and build upon acquired sales skills. Please ask when contacting us.

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