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This simple, easy-to-use "Workbook" is intended to provide entrepreneurs (and even existing small business owners) a sensible business planning tool set that encourages development of the critical business elements today, with the ability to continue building out the plan as time and circumstances dictate.

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Implementation Workshops:
Workshops are designed to be flexible in order to accommodate typical sales meeting formats. As a result, they are easy to fit into meeting agendas such as quarterly business reviews, off-site strategy meetings, etc.

Objective: To familiarize attendees with the basic concepts of the TMM Form being implemented and provide guidance on how best to incorporate into current sales processes. Workshop includes a practical exercise requiring group participation.


Facilitated Meetings:
Facilitated meetings are intended to bring out the best in individual and sales team members through the introduction of a neutral 3rd-party to lead the discussions, (Example: strategic planning meeting).

Objective: To reduce frustration among meeting participants holding differing views enabling open dialog that produces results.


Onboarding Performance Mentoring:
Provide mentoring to ensure assimilation and application of new knowledge and skills by newly hired sales resources. Assess and diagnose performance gaps, providing immediate and direct feedback. Includes development of 30/60/90 Day Action Plan.

Objective: To develop newly hired sales managers, account executives, and other sales resources to build sales skills in accordance with established organizational guidelines for the purpose of maximizing learning and preparing for successful sales careers.


Targeted Accounts Planning:
One-on-one, or team session(s) to identify strategically important accounts to target during the designated client business cycle (i.e., quarter, fiscal year). Account selection based on criteria as pre-determined by sales management. Includes completion of Targeted Accounts Form.

Objective: Intended as a collaborative process to raise awareness of client organizational priorities while serving to align efforts of individual and/ or sales team members resulting in (new) business growth.


Individual Deal Reviews:
One-on-one, or team session(s) to assess progress made towards closing client specified targeted accounts opportunities, and to devise as required, new or revised strategies/ tactics for moving stuck opportunities forward in the sales cycle. Includes completion of Sales Opportunity Assessment Form.

Objective: To uncover/ document roadblocks and overcome obstacles for stalled sales opportunities such that momentum may be restored.


New Hire Screening/Interview Prep:
Work cooperatively with hiring sales manager to implement a measured process that will lead to better hiring decisions. Beginning with development of a skills-based position description, assistance provided with resume screening and preparation of in-depth interview questions across four (4) key categories designed to elicit meaningful responses from candidates.

Objective: To implement a purposeful hiring approach that more effectively identifies the candidates that are the best fit for the sales position based on set criteria.


Incentive Compensation Plans:
Sales compensation is an important component of a comprehensive sales model. As such, it can lead to greater process efficiencies, increased sales and profitability, and reduced turn-over of sales personnel.

Objective: To create a business culture characterized by high productivity, drive, and self-motivation in alignment with company goals.


Sales Model Development:
Creation of a selling system (model) addressing the three (3) core areas of successful sales operations; organization, strategy, and process. As determined appropriate, consideration given to the skills needed for named positions within the sales team and their incentive compensation.

Objective: The delivery of a custom and highly effective sales model that is simple to implement, easy to manage, and is in alignment with company objectives.


Weekly Sales Pipeline Calls:
A sales pipeline call serves as both a coaching opportunity for the sales rep and as an evaluation tool to determine the current state of your sales, leading to a more accurate forecast. Depending on organizational needs, pipeline reviews may be led weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly and be conducted as a one-on-one or with an entire team. Whether hosted as a remote call or done in-person (optional), duration can last from 30 to 60 minutes (typ.).

Objective: To prioritize working opportunities, uncover/ identify obstacles, and determine next steps to keep deals moving through the sales funnel to close.


Quarterly Business Reviews:
Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR's) permit members of a sales team to gather in order to share business results to not only executive management, but also their peers in order to facilitate an open exchange of ideas and best practices. QBR's follow a structured format that highlights achievement against pre-established KPI's.

Objective: To look back at the performance from the previous quarter and use the learned insights to plot the road forward for the upcoming three months.


NOTE: (*) All consulting engagements offer the option of customization and/ or adding ongoing sales coaching-mentoring to reinforce and build upon acquired sales skills. Please ask when contacting us.

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